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About Us

Little girls with Dreams, become women with Vision

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Empowered to help girls & women find and keep their authentic selves!

Brown Girls Mentoring was founded in 2016 with a mission to equip Brown Girls with tools to build her self-confidence, develop relationships, resolve conflict, make wise decisions, work in teams, and develop practical life skills. We educate your Brown Girl(s) through lectures, trainings, activities, simulations, role play, affirmations and so much more!

Brown Girls Mentoring is here to empower young Brown Girls in all shades of beauty to know their worth, strive for excellence, and to embrace their natural beauty. Our vision is to form lifelong bonds of sisterhood, to build confidence, and to see EVERY Brown Girl win!

Founder & CEO

Mrs. Jamie Blunt

Mrs. Jamie Blunt is the founder and visionary of The Brown Girls Mentoring Program, an organization designed to create a safe place for young girls and women to become better versions of themselves.  The Columbus, Ohio native found her calling in helping set the authentic standard for young brown girls.  Her pivotal Life Lessons are continuing to help her on her own journey to self actualization and are a standpoint in the structure of Brown Girls Mentoring.  

Jamie’s own life lessons started as a girl, growing up with the influence of her now-late grandmothers.  She learned what it was to be unapologetic about who you are; remembering to keep in prayer and developing a zero tolerance for things and people that do not serve you.


She is naturally driven to serve and is always eager to see people smile.  After participating in community events and organizations over the years, Jamie realized her urge to help others see the light in themselves.  Dedicating her life to the advancement and well-being of young, brown girls that were just like her, from her neighborhood or the same, became a no-brainer.  The ability to separate who she was from what people expected her to be also holds much weight in her success.  It is one of the key factors she teachers her Brown Girls, “I started to be okay with who God created me to be.  I want girls and women to know it’s okay to be unique and be different… to know they were born to be different.  They don’t have to fit in.”  Fitting into molds and subscribing to what society thinks you should be, how you should look, feel, etc. have all become magnified in our fast paced, media-driven society.  

The Brown Girls Mentoring Program aims to be a catalyst for the changes needed in our community –  Leaving a a legacy to give girls the tools to continue to pay it forward.

Why Choose Us

Brown Girl Achievements

As we serve our community we focus on providing support and a safe place to grow for our brown girls. We are very proud of the work that we do and appreciate the recognition from the community. 

OhioMBE is Ohio's largest black owned business newspaper. Brown Girls Mentoring was the recipient of the 2019 Top MBE award in Columbus Ohio. OhioMBE recognizes black businesses who have done exceptional work with in the community. This year's event was held at the Columbus Zoo in January of 2020.
BGM received recognition from the Columbus City Council for our commitment to mentoring and improving the lives of young ladies in Central Ohio and beyond.
BGM received the Central Ohio National Association Of Negro Business and Professional Woman's President's Award. This award is given to business/professional minority women who are making great strides within their community and those who are affected.
The city council Commission on Brown Girls focuses on girls between the ages of 11-22 and was created to help the city develop a better understanding of the issues impacting Black girls in our community and to provide recommendations to enhance their quality of life. Since its inception in July 2018, The Commission has participated in fact-finding presentations regarding issues impacting Black Girls - hearing from subject matter experts on topics such as physical health, behavioral health, education, juvenile justice, child welfare, social media, and programs for Black girls and more. In 2019, council-member Priscilla Tyson sponsored Brown Girls Mentoring as one of the recipients for funding.
Congresswoman Joyce Beatty awarded BGM for their tireless work with brown girls within our community. This award was handed to Jamie Blunt during our annual Mother's Day Bruch.
Brown Girls Mentoring Program was the Recipient of the Franklin County Soar Award for 2019. BGM was awarded for our community service and received recognition for being a newly established organization that has continued to grow and support our target audience.
Co-Founder and Director of Brown Girls Mentoring, Dr. Rolanda Beacham (also known as Dr. Ro) received her honorary doctorate degree. Her years of dedicated work towards minorities including brown girls was recognized due to her meaningful impact that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Our Sponsors

Brown Girls Meetings

Sessions will run from mid November to mid May.

Location: Linden Community Center

All volunteers are asked to arrive promptly between 11:30am to 11:45am for setup.  Also, be prepared to stay until 2:30pm to help with clean up.

We ask that all volunteers/mentors wear your Brown Girls shirt or a brown or white shirt with jeans.

Please use Sign Up Genius so that we have record of knowing which meetings you will be volunteering.  All volunteers have been emailed the link to sign up for their availability.  PLEASE CONTACT US BELOW IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LINK.